February 10, 2010

"Happy Birthday...

...just remember you are IN your thirties now." That's basically what Brad told me. I know he's just trying to soothe the irritating thought that he will turn 30 this year. Man, will I rub it in, too! He did, however, plan a very fun birthday date for me and made my birthday a special one. My day started off with the anticipated phone calls from my family (Triston, Dad, and the Lee Family Choir). I was invited to breakfast with my parents at Mimi's. Mmmm!

Then, we visited Brad's mom at school. Tess loved being part of the first-grade class and insisted on calling grandma "Teacher" the rest of the day. I also got to witness 25 first-graders speaking Mandarin Chinese. It was amazing! they understand everything their teacher was saying to them. They even sang "Happy Birthday" to me in Chinese. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of restorative yoga. Namaste! And then my "Night O'Fun" began. A bunch of friends met us at Asian Star for dinner. I forgot how delicious it is.

Then we headed to the lanes for some bowling. Brad and I joke about starting a bowling league with friends some day and after this it looks like we definitley need some practice first. I used to be such a good bowler (my claim to fame...sad, huh?). But, Brad and I did manage to pull off the high scores that night for our respective genders. Yeah! Any way you look at it, it was good ole fashioned, competitive fun!

Then, one last stop at our friends, the Francos, where we ate decadent, delicious, marvelous, cream-cheesy, chocolate masterpiece cake that sweet Brooke made for me! She's the best!

It was a great birthday! Thanks y'all! I don't mind being 31 if it's this fun! Brad, watch out, yours is comin'!

February 4, 2010

February...so far

Let the month of love begin!

Family Home Evening

Finally got something on Tess' walls!

Chewing on anything now!

January 31, 2010

January 30, 2010

Little Mommy

January 29, 2010

In Heaven

Sample day at Costco definitely ranks up there with other favorite family activities. Kate joined in the sample tasting this time. I could barely get any shopping done.

January 28, 2010

Project 365

Along with my other 2010 goals (more about those later), I have taken on a challenge to take a picture every day this year. Wow...this will really help me to get my camera out and take pictures of our everyday events. I will be sharing them on my blog and on Flickr. It's been fun, but sometimes interesting trying to figure out what to take a picture of besides the girls (they are so cute!). Winter keeps me limited. I've also realized that some days it's hard to narrow it down to one picture because they don't always tell the whole story of our day. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a Flickr guest pass link to check out my photos.

August 13, 2009


Okay, so I'm finally on my blog. Thought I'd never return? And I finally got around to getting Kate's birth announcement done even though she is 4 months old. Hey, the rule of thumb says I have until she is 6 months to send them out. My most talented friend, Amber, designed these adorable announcements. You know you all have a friend that can do anything and has a gazillion talents, well she is one of several friends I have like that. I would die to have an ounce of her brilliance! Anyway, check out her site at Doodlebloom. She does photography, announcements, and handmade baby items! For all of you who have babies in your lives or will in the future, I highly recommend giving her a call! Thanks Amber! You rock! I couldn't decide on the picture so here are both: